The exhilarating 2016 A/W fashion shows that were put on earlier this year showed us what we were in for this season. There was a mix of the usual dark, earthy colours that we see almost every year autumn/winter, but there were a few surprises as well. Some colours were common on specific types of clothing, such as the Airy Blue shade that could be found on jackets and coats, while for others it varied – Sharkskin grey was seen on both trousers and dresses.

Here, we break down the colours that were popular for this season, along with the items that they most were used in and give you brief guide as to how you can incorporate these looks into your own autumn/winter wardrobe.

Airy Blue

Airy Blue has become popular with designers at a time when the world is ridden with conflict and uncertainty. The tranquility and peacefulness that is often
associated with the colour blue shines through here with this shade. Despite the colder undertones, Airy Blue has been welcomed warmly into the world of fashion.

But where was it the most popular?

It seems that it’s particularly prominent in comfy, unique items, with Oscar de la Renta using this shade in a shaggy gilet and House of Holland integrating it into an extra-long sleeved fur jacket; both of which are undeniably appropriate for autumn and winter. Lacoste took the colour down a different route, opting to use it for an oversized hoodie, while Celine chose an airy dress.

Therefore, it goes without saying that to stay on trend with the famous fashion houses, go for the common theme of comfortable statement jackets using this colour – but don’t be afraid to branch out to other items.

Airy blue has also filtered down to the high street, and jumpers seem to have taken over here. You may like to follow the Lacoste trend and go for a jumper or hoodie with this colour, both of which can be found for a reasonable price in most high street stores.


A darker tone than Airy Blue, but still a wearable and relaxing shade nonetheless – perfect for autumn and winter. Riverside was used by a vast 22.5 per cent of designers for this season, so there is no denying that a cooler medium-blue is a must for your winter wardrobe.

Fashion weeks all over the world saw a flood of this colour – Louis Vuitton’s mohair pullover, Riverside-blue stripes in Maxmara’s unique jumper, and Miu Miu’s casual sweater to name a few.

It goes without saying that Riverside is a good shade to choose when it comes to jumpers. Whether it’s a thick, cosy jumper to keep you warm on the colder days or a thinner style statement, most high street stores will have the jumper you need if you don’t have one already.


Although constantly wearable no matter what time of year, darker, colder shades are a staple of wintertime. The versatility of grey tones makes them extremely wearable and a magnificent option to base an entire look around.

For this season, it was mostly seen in dresses and trousers. This was demonstrated by Jason Wu’s casual pleated trousers, Missoni’s sheer piece and Gucci’s loose fitting trouser among others.

In terms of Sharkskin dresses and skirts, Sophie Theallet went for a high neck dress with a more daring cut on one leg, while Carolina Herrera chose to use it on modest dress falling just below the knee. Chanel created a thick mid-length skirt that they paired with a jumper.

As for the high street…

Because of the general popularity of this colour it’s relatively easy to find similar items on the high street. Chanel’s influence filtered to the high street and winter dresses have become a common occurrence, along with the grey metallic dresses that were also seen on the runway this season. In addition, grey trousers on the high street shouldn’t be too hard to come by.

Going by this, not only is it easy to build up an outfit around this colour, but it’s just as simple to create something based around these items.

Aurora Red

This striking shade oozes confidence and the runway is not short of it this season. It was incorporated into many pieces by a number of designers, especially in the 80s-themed looks that were demonstrated by Moschino, Louis Vuitton and Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafani.

That’s right.

The 80s are making a comeback.

It’s possible the phenomenon that is the hit Netflix show Stranger Things has something to do with the sudden resurgence, but we welcome the return of this nostalgic trend.

Materials such as latex and leather are easily mixed together with this colour and were a common theme on the catwalk, working well with the fearlessness and experimental nature that comes with 80s looks.

On the high street, this trend has been filtered down through red leather skirts, as well as latex leggings which have seen a return in recent years. It’s quite simple to involve 80s fashion in your everyday autumn looks – wear something you’re comfortable and confident in, whether it’s bright and flashy or not, be daring and go for it!

Aurora Red is also a favoured colour for gloves this winter, as seen in Oscar de la Renta’s show. Why not have a browse of our Humphreys selection and create a glove featuring one of our deep red options?Incorporating these materials and colours into your outfits seems to be another trend to look forward to throughout the coming months.

Warm Taupe

Nothing says autumn like a nice, light brown shade.

Earthy tones are always on trend at this time of year, with the multi coloured leaves saying their goodbyes until spring and cosy fires being lit throughout the country.

Big names such as Valentino were particularly fond of the Warm Taupe shade – they featured it on numerous pieces, from sweeping lower cut frocks to lace up shoes among others. Allsaints also heavily featured this trend, instead placing their focus more on coats and cardigans and Elizabeth and James’ chunky knits and The Row’s coats also worked it in beautifully.

Although slightly different from the brown shades we are used to seeing at this time of year, this is an easy colour to wear, especially if you’re not so confident wearing bright colours. Warm Taupe is the perfect way to stay on trend without going out of your comfort zone. Items featuring it are not hard to come by as it is such a neutral and universal colour.

There is a pretty open field when it comes to this shade – there is no specific item that it was most popular on. No matter what piece you choose in this colour you’re sure to look amazing.

Lush Meadow

Keeping in with the earthy hues of autumn, Lush Meadow is a graceful emerald shade. With an air of class and sophistication, it’s the ideal shade to add into your more formal wardrobe for the current season.

From Gucci’s shimmery floor length sequin dress to the minor but intricate use of it on the detail of a patterned Coach piece, Lush Meadow adds a touch of glamour to any outfit.

A variety of elegant formalwear can be found in this shade no matter where you look, and it doesn’t have to be the high-end fashion houses for something exquisite. Many well-known stores have knee length and longer dresses available, so you’ll have no trouble replicating this look.

Dusty Cedar

This reddish pink shade is about as autumnal as you can get, the subtle tones playing nicely into the backdrop of autumn and winter. If you end up really liking this colour, it’s a great transitional option for autumn to spring as well.

8.21 per cent of designers involved this shade in their A/W collections; Moschino used a very similar shade for an edgy silk dress, while Concept Korea went for a new take on the bomber jacket.

Mix this shade into your current autumn/winter wardrobe to give it a little touch of spring, as well as incorporating a lovely transitional shade for when winter comes to an end.

Spicy Mustard

It’s easy to associate bright yellows with summer, however this darker, toned-down take on the colour couldn’t be more fitting for the autumn/winter time of year.

Often paired with pink in the A/W 2016 fashion shows, you can choose to wear it in similar way or put your own spin on it.

Brock Collection, Delpozo and Ulla Johnson all showed that pink and yellow do actually look wonderful together when done right. For example, Brock Collection’s Spicy Mustard coloured skirt worked beautifully with a deep pink blouse.

Other designers, such as Each x Other and French fashion house Chloe proved that you don’t have to stick to the pink and yellow trend.

Each x Other showed off their take on the shade in a heavy knit jumper and overalls, Valentino featured it on a velvet dress and Chloe included it in their show via a ruffled top and skirt combination. Gucci took it a step further and featured it in a mid length fur coat.

So how is the high street taking this?You’ll find an array of yellow dresses available both ruffled and in other styles, albeit some brighter than others. Mustard-yellow jumpers are also an option, and you’re likely to find overalls in this colour through vintage sellers.

Potter’s Clay

Leaning in the direction of a deep, wearable orange, Potter’s Clay is another largely autumnal tone that has been popular with designers for the autumn/winter season this year. Although it didn’t appear quite as much as Riverside and Airy Blue it still made enough of an impact to land itself a place on the list.

Ellery decided to take on the velvet trend and used this colour to do so, putting together a vibrant velvet blazer with trousers of the same fabric. On the other hand, Tibi chose to go for a suede dress and Balenciaga decided to feature a Potter’s Clay skirt while presenting new pieces on the catwalk.

In fact, this seemed to be a popular colour to mix with unusual materials, similar to Aurora Red being used with materials like latex. Incorporate this colour into your wardrobe by going for unique fabrics that feature it, like suede or velvet.

It’s also worth noting that velvet in general is a very popular material for this season…

The fabric was used by a variety of designers in many colours. Add something velvet into your wardrobe to really get the autumn/winter feel.


This extravagant purple tone was a little bit of a surprise on the catwalk.


The bright purple and the subtle hint of pink that comes with it is a step away from the usual dark colours that flood the fashion world in autumn and winter. It was a common occurrence on the runway for this season, switching up the norm entirely and providing a pop of colour to a usually toned down season.

The most common theme here is accessories. Missoni experimented by using this shade on ankle boots, adding an individual touch to an the otherwise neutral outfit they were displaying. Meanwhile, Marc Jacobs opted to use it on a small handbag that added some drama to the overall outfit.

Celine took the extra step and showed an outfit comprising of a long dress and trousers, both of which were in this colour.

It’s also a deeper alternative to another unexpected shade on the runway – bubblegum pink, demonstrated by Chanel and Gucci.You might like to include this in your wardrobe by choosing small, impactful accessories that will have their own statement. Alternatively, you might choose to include the Bodacious shade to add a spot of colour to an otherwise neutral outfit – it would look fabulous when paired with an all-black ensemble.


Jumpers in many shades are in this season, while greys and yellows seem to be taking the cake for dresses. If it’s a statement jacket you’re looking for, try looking at light blue pieces, whereas if it’s formal clothing the emerald green Lush Meadow is a good route to go down. Warm taupe is a great shade no matter what the item, and go for the bright Bodacious to add a splash of colour to an outfit. The 80s are also making a comeback – the message being, dress in a way that you are confident and feel free to experiment with all the colours through the colder months.

Colour swatches courtesy of Pantone.